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Investing in contrast security is a great way to diversify your portfolio. Not only does it provide you with a great deal of flexibility in terms of investment options, but it also offers you the opportunity to make a profit. This is particularly true if you can find the right investment opportunity.

Funding round details

Those who are into the cybersecurity space may have heard of Contrast Security. The company is one of the leading next-gen code security solutions in the industry. Its technology enables businesses to develop applications with increased security, and protects them from attack. The company partners with AWS, VMware, Google, and Microsoft, among others. It has thousands of developers on board, and has been featured in the media for its accomplishments.

Contrast Security also recently raised a funding round, and it included some of the larger names in the tech industry. Its investors include Acero Capital, Battery Ventures, Microsoft’s M-12 Fund, and Warburg Pincus. These investors contributed to the company’s $45 million round, which raised the company’s valuation to about a billion dollars. The company also just announced that it has secured a new executive order from Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who will join the company’s board of directors.

Contrast Security also recently announced that it has launched a new product, the Contrast Application Security Platform. The platform enables enterprises to protect their applications from attack, and includes a code analysis tool. The company’s customers include AXA, BMW, DocuSign, the American Red Cross, and SOMPO Japan.

Investment strategy

Investing in Contrast Security is an excellent way for businesses to boost their code security capabilities. This company has created an application security platform that helps enterprises write secure applications faster. Using its technology, enterprises can detect vulnerabilities in application code, prevent bugs from causing crashes, and extend protection to production applications.

Contrast Security was founded in 2014 by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsighi. Williams wanted to make it easier to spot problematic code in applications. In the past, most companies used manual tests to secure code. Contrast uses agents to find vulnerabilities that are embedded in runtime libraries and controllers. Its technology also scans web browsers and other data layers. It offers context-specific guidance and tools to help developers write secure code.

The company has experienced rapid growth in the Asia-Pacific region, and its solutions are used by companies like the American Red Cross, DocuSign, and BMW. It has also joined the Linux Foundation.

Key features

Founded by Jeff Williams and Arshan Dabirsighi, Contrast is a software company with a mission to provide an integrated code analysis platform that will improve application security for the enterprise. The company’s products are built upon a framework that employs binary instrumentation and offers a variety of features. Its most recent offerings include a security observability product, a serverless application and route intelligence. Among other things, Contrast’s platform helps reduce time to market and decreases cyber risk.

Contrast’s flagship product is an embedded code analysis platform that detects the most egregious security blunders. The company’s agents are embedded in data layers, user libraries, app servers, and runtime libraries, among other locations. The company also recently joined the Linux Foundation to improve the functionality of its platform. The company’s platform also provides context-specific guidance for vulnerability remediation.


The company is also leveraging its newfound resources to expand its product offering and gain market share. For example, Contrast has added apps programmed in Go to its scannable assets list, and launched a security observability offering.