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Renewable Energy Sources Part1

We all know that fossil fuels are a finite resource. and expected soon This type of fuel will run out. At that point where are we going to use the fuel as a source of energy…. The answer is “renewable energy” which will continue to become the main source of energy. 

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But when mentioning “Renewable energy” most people may think of energy like Solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy. which is an alternative energy that has been used for a long time But besides these energies There are still a number of people who are trying to research, research and study the possibility of bringing other forms of alternative energy that are cleaner and more efficient than those currently used as our renewable energy. which alternative energy sources It is expected that in the next 50 years, it may become one of the alternative energy sources that human beings can use, consisting of

1. Space-Based Solar Power

from the fact that 55-60% of solar energy does not pass through the Earth’s atmosphere, so power generation from terrestrial photovoltaic cells is not fully powered by solar energy. because it can only be produced during the day The location must be an open area. The climate must be appropriate. Causing some countries to not be able to produce energy from the sun. With this limitation Therefore, someone has invented that if solar cells can be installed outside the world The same goes for satellite solar installations. These restrictions will be eliminated. It can also generate enormous amounts of electricity.

Currently, researchers are trying to experiment. research the possibilities to install solar cells in space To generate electricity and send the generated energy back to power stations on earth in the form of microwave waves. by ensuring that the transmission of such energy is not lost. and does not have any impact on the world

which has made progress on experimental research in this regard In March 2015, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) revealed that they had successfully converted 1.8 kW of electricity into microwaves. Afterwards they could transmit power wirelessly over a distance of 50 meters.

In addition, this year (2019), China is another country that is trying to produce electricity from solar cells from deep space. Most recently, this concept has been tested in Chongqing. southwestern china The 33-acre site, with initial funding of $15 million, will be testing the best way to deliver energy from deep space orbit around the Earth to Earth.

2. Energy from the human body (Human Power)

Many experts believe that the easiest way to generate renewable energy is through the human body. This concept comes from the idea that Today’s electrical devices use much less electricity than in the past, so a small amount of electricity is enough to power many small electronic devices. by producing energy through the movement of our own body Just use the system to be able to collect and convert energy.

researchers from the UK have developed a knee support device that can collect electrons while walking. Every time you walk, your knees are bent, the propeller-like metal from your instrument vibrates like a guitar string. and generate electricity can be applied to low power devices

3. Wave Power

The idea of using wave energy has been around for a long time. technically a wave is the form formed by wind energy blowing across the sea. Tidal power is measured in kilowatts (KW) per meter of coastline. The US coastline has an estimated wave energy potential of 252 billion kilowatt-hours per year.

At present, more than five countries are trying to implement tidal power farms. One of them implemented is Portugal which has set up the world’s first commercial wave power plant since 2008 with a total installed capacity of 2.25 MW

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