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Hiring a Domestic Violence Attorney in New Jersey

The charges and lawsuits for domestic violence are not easy to deal with. Even if the victim is reluctant to file charges, it is essential to have an experienced attorney for a domestic violence case. On top of that, what is even more scary is that the conviction may negatively impact one’s reputation and employment options. However, you won’t have much to worry about, as a knowledgeable domestic violence attorney can help lessen the effects of the arrest and strive to make the entire process quick. 

Domestic abuse in New Jersey:

It is important to note that in New Jersey, cases of domestic violence fall under criminal prosecution. This basically means that the state is the complainant and you will be the respondent. So, if you are the victim and even if you try to drop charges, it won’t be possible. Based on the facts, the state’s attorney determines whether to prosecute the case. It is the job of your domestic violence defense attorney to perform an independent investigation and give your side of the case.

Because it is difficult to plead for oneself in an adversarial court, even notable lawyers engage other lawyers to represent them in criminal trials. Hiring an attorney with strong local experience is critical for obtaining a positive result when facing domestic violence allegations. Local knowledge aids in determining the best technique for reaching the target result.

The arraignment:

Domestic abuse cases must be arraigned the next day, and a criminal order of protection for the victim is imposed. Protection orders can have a considerable influence on your life and interaction with the victim. During arraignment, legal counsel is essential for providing advice and acting as a point of contact with decision-makers. Keep in mind that whatever you say to a family relations officer can be used against you, so having an attorney to guide you and speak on your behalf is quite beneficial.

Final thoughts:

In this blog, we looked at the many aspects of filing a domestic violence lawsuit in New Jersey. The question remains why should you hire a domestic violence lawyer? It is because a domestic violence attorney will guide you about your rights and will strive to strengthen your case. Some other things they can help out with are changing protective orders, upholding a co-parenting arrangement, and avoiding a criminal record that might have an effect on future employment. 

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