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Have You Suffered Traumatic Brain Injury in Vermont?

A person can suffer from TRI (Traumatic Brain Injury) because of the following:

  • A powerful strike or impact to the body or head
  • When a foreign item enters the brain through the skull.

The negligence of some other person can also cause such brain injuries. If you or any family member has met with TRI, you must claim compensation from the party responsible. Vermont personal injury lawyer at Sabbeth Law Firm can offer you a free consultation and tell you about various legal options that you have.

Traumatic brain injury cases

According to the severity, medical practitioners typically group these traumatic brain injuries into three basic categories: mild, moderate, and severe:

  • Mild 

The victim may not lose consciousness with mild traumatic brain injuries. Even if the victim becomes unconscious, it may not last too long. In most cases, the victim may remain unconscious for 30 minutes only.

In such cases, the memory loss may occur temporarily and on the same day gets recovered. Patients with mild TBIs typically do not need considerable medical care beyond rest and symptom monitoring. 

  • Moderate 

The consciousness that usually follows moderate traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) lasts longer, frequently reaching half an hour. Memory loss in cases of moderate TBIs typically extends beyond a day. 

Patients with moderate TBIs usually require hospitalization and medical treatment, which may include interventions like mechanical ventilation to support breathing. Also, medical staff will monitor the patient’s vital signs while treating the victim. 

  • Severe 

With severe TBIs, hours of unconsciousness are typical, necessitating considerable medical care. Death risk and long-term disability risk are both significantly increased. Extreme TBI survivors typically require at-home assistance and may need years of therapy.

Compensation amount for a brain injury

The compensation amount will depend on the following parameters:

  • The severity of your injuries
  • The cost incurred by you to do medical treatment and care.

Often, for specific brain injuries, a victim may need several treatments and hospitalization if the case is life-threatening.  Those who have suffered a moderate amount or even severe brain injury may also need the following therapies:

  • Speech therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physical therapy. 

Years of therapy may be necessary for severe injuries, which adds up. Along with medical costs, you most likely lost time at work while healing. Many clients are seeking restitution for any lost earnings.

Additionally, you should be compensated for less obvious damages, including despair, anxiety, deformity, handicap, and pain and suffering. The attorney will examine the relevant facts to establish a fair settlement amount.

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