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Advantages and Disadvantages of AI in Social Media

Facebook is considering using artificial intelligence (AI) to delete content that can be offensive to some users. However, this technology is not without controversy. There are many advantages and disadvantages of using AI in social media. A recent article published by Forbes Technology Council outlines 13 of these benefits and disadvantages.

One major advantage of using AI is its ability to automate tasks. This can save on both costs and staffing. Another advantage of AI is that it can help reduce human error. Humans tend to make mistakes when they perform repetitive tasks. Using AI tools can minimize these errors and help you keep your content fresh and personalized. However, some consumers are concerned that AI won’t be human enough to deal with their queries.

One disadvantage of using AI in social media is that it can cause data loss. As disparate systems are involved, there is a risk that data will be lost. Moreover, it is difficult to take action in real time because data is collected in aggregated forms. Furthermore, the algorithms can only understand users’ behavior over a longer period of time.

Another disadvantage of AI is that it is not always trustworthy. The data used in AI can contain errors and bias. As such, data scientists and engineers cannot fully examine the data used to create the models. Some algorithms are kept secret for business interests. This limits the transparency of AI’s performance. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the development process and data sources are vetted thoroughly before using AI.

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