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5 Major Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer Will Not Take Your Case

Anyone can get hurt at any time, which can lead to financial loss. To recover those losses, they may need to approach a lawyer to handle the case. However, there can be instances when a personal injury lawyer in Des Moines may refuse to take the case. This article will share five of those reasons that can lead to a personal injury case being rejected.

5 Reasons Why a Personal Injury Lawyer can Refuse a Case

1. Liability Issues

A personal injury lawyer will only take the case if the accident or injury is caused by someone else. If the lawyer believes it was your fault, they refuse to take the case. There can be many reasons why a liability may come to you. It can be if you cause the accident or if there is no evidence that the other person is responsible.

2. Late in Filing the Case

All personal injury cases have a statute of limitation attached. If you cannot file the case during that time for any reason, the lawyers won’t take the case. After the statute of limitation is over, the case is considered ineligible.

3. Lack of Damages

Often, a personal injury lawyer is paid on a contingency basis and gets their fee as a percentage of the compensation received. So, if the lawyer feels that the damages are minor or insufficient, they will refuse to handle the case. They calculate the compensation amount based on the injury’s severity, which helps them decide.

4. Unrealistic Demand for Claim

Nobody likes to get injured and face health issues. Even though it is your right to ask for a claim, you should not ask for an unrealistic amount. Lawyers put a lot of hard work into winning the case and getting their clients compensation. If they feel their chances to win are less since you are asking for an amount that is not acceptable, they can refuse to take the case.

5. Conflict of Interest

Your lawyer does not only work and handle your matters; they can also have many other clients. If your personal injury happened because of one of the clients they may have handled in the past or are handling currently, they will not be able to work on your case due to a conflict of interest.

Wrapping Up!

This article can be really helpful for everyone who has gone through a personal injury in the recent past. You can check these common issues, and if there are any that match yours, you can look for an alternative before approaching a lawyer.