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What Are 4 Values and 12 Principles of Agile?

Agile emphasizes the importance of people over processes, tools, and technology. People are the backbone of a team, laws4life responding to business needs and carrying the development process forward. Organizations that value processes and technology over people face a variety of complications in the future. People are not only responsible for delivering results, but also for ensuring that everyone understands each other and is able to work well together.

Agile uses four core values to guide its development processes. The first is customer collaboration. This principle calls for the involvement of lawyersmagazine customers in all processes and software development. It also calls for removing obstacles to collaboration, and encourages team members to work as a team, rather than working alone.

Agile emphasizes responsiveness, with the goal of delivering a functional product by the end of the first iteration. Although this first bhojpuri iteration won’t be perfect, it will provide the developers with valuable feedback as they work on the product. Agile also encourages change, and embraces it as a competitive advantage.

Another important value of agile is customer involvement. As the customers are key to the success of a product, they need to be involved throughout the process.lawyerdesk This collaborative process means that customers are able to weigh in on the process and influence the outcome. They should also be able to make suggestions and correct course corrections whenever necessary.

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