Tips for Gaining Weight Naturally

In some people, just want to know how to gain weight. This is because his body is too thin and lacks content for both men and women. A person is called underweight if his BMI or Body Mass Index value is below the standard. The way to calculate IMT is with the following formula.

IMT = Weight (kg) : (Height (m) x Height (m))

A person who is categorized as thin or underweight is if his IMT value is below the figure 17 kg / m2 for women or under 18 kg / m2 for men. The following are tips to gain weight naturally.

Eat More Often

People who are thin usually have poor appetite and tend to get full easily, so that in order to overcome this it is necessary to eat more often, can be five to six or more meals per day. No need to avoid snacks either, but it's best not to be near mealtime so as not to make you full before eating. In order to increase appetite, you can also choose yellow paint in the dining room so it will tend to increase your appetite.

Eat Before Bed

If in people who are overweight it is forbidden to sleep after eating, then for those who are too thin, just the opposite, that is, eat first before bed. During sleep, the body will regenerate body cells.

Do Not Drink Before Eating

Drinking before meals will cause a feeling of fullness. Therefore, avoid starting eating by drinking first. Can drink between meals or better drink it after meals. Avoid things that can reduce appetite.

Consume Lots of Calories, Protein, Carbs and Nuts

Mung bean porridge or green bean filled bapia really supports weight gain and can increase appetite. Frequently also consume milk and its derivatives, like cheese, smooties, ice cream and so on. Consume dates and honey, sweet taste can stimulate appetite. Free of carbohydrate consumption can be rice, potato, my, wheel, and so on. Fat is also necessary. The point is consumption of complete nutritious and highly nutritious foods.

Just Drink

Lack of fluids in the body can disturb the balance of the body, so that both obese and thin people should drink enough. The need for drinking water every day is at least approx 8 glass, can be divided into one glass after waking up, then one glass at breakfast, and three more glasses around lunch time, and two glasses at dinner, then one more glass at bedtime. In addition to water, consume more milk and fruit juices and smooties.

Don't skip breakfast

Breakfast is important to start the day, so you should not forget to have breakfast every morning even though you are in a hurry. Can bring fruit such as bananas or avocado or mango as a companion besides eating bread or rice or noodles and various side dishes at breakfast. The side dish can be free of anything, it can be eggs or meat or chicken or fish.

Avoid staying up late and needing enough sleep

Late night sleep lifestyle, smoking and coffee consumption as well as lack of sleep can easily eat away at the body, besides making it thinner it is also not healthy. Stress can also be a cause of less than ideal body weight, either it is becoming too fat due to stress being taken on by eating excessively or the body becoming thin due to a lack of appetite.


Maybe many are surprised, however, by fasting, the body can carry out the correction process so that the body becomes towards its ideal weight. During fasting, the various digestive organs will rest and the body can then calculate accurately their needs. When breaking the stomach contents complete with nutritious and highly nutritious food. Can be started with soup or salad to make it more appetizing. But don't drink in the beginning before eating.

Check with the doctor

Then also do a health check to the doctor so that you know exactly what causes the body to become thin and the solution. Consume more than your daily calorie needs in order to gain weight.

Pay attention to some of the things mentioned above if you want to increase your weight.


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