About Us

Hi everyone!

We are Giniloh.com! And through this page we want to introduce ourselves, and what is our purpose for making this site.

In short, Giniloh.com is our medium for simply sharing information with internet users. Here we try to provide articles that are very useful in everyday life.

Why is it called GiniLoh?

The name 'GiniLoh' was chosen because we try to share information that tells you how to do things (Gini Loh how to do A, B, C, dst) hehe…

criticism & Saran

We realize that what we are doing is not perfect, and still needs a lot of improvement and learning.

Therefore, We welcome all feedback, criticism, as well as suggestions that can make GiniLoh even better.

If you have any criticisms and / or suggestions for the progress of Giniloh.com, feel free to send us message via the page contact us.