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If you’ve seen the movie Minions, you know that the animated character, Kevin, is a hapless hero with an unfavorable master. This leads him on a quest to find a new evil boss. Luckily, there’s a supervillainess on the scene Movie . The evil villain is Scarlet Overkill, and she is the world’s first super-villainess.


In their present form, the Minions have served land, sea and air life. It’s interesting to note that they have survived a thousand years of hardship.

While the Minions are certainly impressive, they aren’t a new breed. Other animated creatures, like the Oompa-Loompas, have been around for centuries. Some of them even have exceptional engineering capabilities.

For example, they are capable of designing spaceships for Gru. Among the many other things they are capable of, they are also able to defuse dynamite by peeing.

Box office success

The Minions movie made an excellent box office success this weekend. The film opened to more than $125 million over four days, smashing the Independence Day weekend record. It has earned more than $200 million worldwide. That’s eighth best animated film opening ever.

Universal Pictures has had a good year for family-friendly releases. In fact, its family releases have grossed more than $400 million since December.

But with the Minions movie, the studio had a big shot in the arm. Its social media marketing campaign was probably a major contributor. Plus, a surprising boost from teenagers and a broader range of audiences likely helped.


If you are a fan of the animated movie Minions, then you probably know that they use Minionese. This language is an amalgam of words from three or four different languages. Although it sounds like it is from another planet, it is actually quite easy to learn and understand.

The best part is that you don’t have to be a linguist to get it. Most words are spelled with a B, P, or I. And, a lot of them are even pronounced as baby talk.

Minionese is an interesting confluence of English, Spanish, French, Japanese, and a smattering of other languages. It was created by a team led by Pierre Coffin. As the creator of the famous Despicable Me franchise, he had a distinct idea of how his creatures should sound.


For years, kids have loved Minions. They have become global icons thanks to the studio that created them, Illumination Entertainment. While the studio doesn’t have the storytelling pedigree of Disney or Pixar, the Minions movies are still a blast.

The first Minions movie featured endless scenes of Minion antics. This time around, the Minions are set in 1968, where they try to find something to do.

The story revolves around Scarlet Overkill, a villain who wants the crown of Queen Elizabeth. Herb Overkill, her husband, is not thrilled with the plan, though, and sends the Minions to a medieval torture chamber to get their reward.

Special abilities

Minions are tiny yellow pill-shaped creatures that have served their evil masters throughout history. These tiny henchmen are generally inept, but they are resilient and fun.

The Minions first appeared in the “Despicable Me” franchise. They have since become a global cultural phenomenon. Illumination Entertainment is the production company behind the film series. Their executives include Janet Healy and Chris Renaud.

For the most part, the Minions are inept and incoherent, but there are some good moments. There is a lot of 70’s references in the movie, and they will likely appeal to the Gen X crowd.

One of the main characters, Otto, is a new Minion who is desperate for attention. He is voiced by Pierre Coffin.


Many people love the Minions, but they are often unsure of their names. They are henchmen for Gru. But they also have personalities. Their masters quickly learn about them.

The Minions were created by art director Eric Guillon. He worked on several Illumination films. One of his most famous roles was in the Despicable Me movies.

The movie also stars Sandra Bullock, Jon Hamm, and Allison Janney. This film is the first in the series to feature a female supervillain. Her name is Scarlet Overkill. She plans to steal the Imperial State Crown from Queen Elizabeth II.

In the movie, there are three main named minions. These are Bob, Kevin, and Stuart. Besides these three, there are many other minions mentioned in the movie.