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62 Tubi TV has made a name for itself in the streaming world Rdnashahengadget. It’s a channel that’s primarily dedicated to original programming, and the shows it offers rank among the most watched in their respective genres. There’s no friction here: ads are paid for directly, without having to go through a network like Netflix or Amazon. And the audience is young and diverse, too.

AVOD audiences

The AVOD industry is a thriving one. As far as the big three are concerned, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are all doing well. They also have some of the most popular content available, ranging from TV shows to movies to anime. Combined, these conglomerates are responsible for a staggering 70% of the global video consumption.

Streaming isn’t going away any time soon. In fact, it’s expanding. Thanks in part to the likes of Pluto TV, a service that ViacomCBS acquired late last year, and the Apple TV app, a AVOD service with a SVOD service attached.

For the tech savvy, there are options for every budget. Roku has been turning its Channel into a hub for premium subscription services. It has also been a major player in the AVOD sphere, launching its own service and acquiring a number of others.

Streamers are young and diverse

Tubi, the FOX Entertainment’s free streaming service, recently launched a slew of new products and services. Among them is an AFM solution that allows brands to maximize their streaming investments and target viewers. In addition, the company released The Stream: 2022 Audience Insights for Brands. This presentation included data from several first-party and third-party sources.

For the record, Tubi’s content library includes the largest free ad-supported library of TV shows, movies, and original content. It also features more than 100 FAST channels, including a slew of live local news networks. As of last quarter, the platform had 51 million active users.

AVOD unreachable on cable

Tubi, FOX Entertainment’s free ad-supported streaming service, has seen a significant rise in viewership. It had more than 25 million monthly active users (MAUs) at the end of last year. This is an increase of 40% in the past year.

Tubi’s goal is to make ad-supported television more appealing than paid services. The service has the lightest ad load in the AVoD space. Ads run for four to six minutes per hour.

Tubi’s ad campaign has increased brand recognition and recall. In fact, streamers are 10% more likely to say they like ads than other consumers. Tubi is one of the largest free ad-supported streaming services. It’s also among the fastest-growing. Since it launched two years ago, Tubi has added content.

Original titles rank  

There are more than a handful of video streaming services offering free content with no catches or hidden costs. While subscription fatigue continues to plague consumers, there are signs of life in the streaming landscape. With more competition, content providers will need to be more innovative and creative with their programming if they want to survive. That’s where Tubi comes in.

While the service boasts a vast library of films and shows, it’s also a jack of all trades when it comes to programming. As of this writing, the service boasts over 100 sports channels, as well as hundreds of live local news networks. Its lineup of original television titles includes such gems as Maniac and Stranger Things. The company has plans to release more than a hundred original titles in the coming year.

Streamers are unreachable  

A recent study from Tubi found that more than 62 percent of its users are unreachable on cable, Peacock, and Peacock for Kids. This is compared to only 27 percent on other major AVOD services. The study was based on a fourth-quarter online survey of 6,003 adult streamers over 18 years old. It also analyzed data from a number of first-party sources.

Tubi’s audience is multi-cultural, young, and nationwide. Two in three of the streaming audience is 18 to 54 years old. Among those who watch, one in five are Latinx and African American. Tubi has more than 40 million active users per month. Over the past year, it has seen double-digit growth in all user segments.


When it comes to streaming television, the folks at Tubi are not exactly enamored with the competition. That said, Tubi is on a mission to resuscitate the dormant broadcast television and cable businesses and is making a bet on the burgeoning OTT industry. Its content-rich library features over 30,000 licensed titles and 400 on-air partners. The site has also managed to rake in $34 million in total funding.


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