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Know About the Different Types of 9 Mm Ammo

The 9 mm Luger is one of the popular centerfire pistol cartridges that is found in the global market and has a widespread adoption by the law enforcement agencies and also the military agents. However, do you know the different types of this popular 9 mm ammo?

9 mm cartridges- briefly explained

If you are new to the firearm and the industry of ammunition, the number of 9 mm cartridges is overwhelming in nature. But, if you think that they are same, actually they are not. What is the difference between the 9 mm and 9 mm Luger ammo?

Though the 9 mm luger cartridge is simply known as the “9mm”, there are lots of types you can get in the market nowadays. Two of the most popular types that are not interchangeable are the 9×17 mm Browning and the 9×18 mm Makarov.

The 9×17 mm Browning is the metric designation for the most popular 380 variant of ACP cartridge that is being introduced in the year 1908 and it is also called as the 9 mm short, Kurz or the corto. This cartridge is being used in the compact and subcompact semi-automatic pistols nowadays for self-defencing.

The 9×18 Makarov was adopted in the year 1951 by Soviet Union and it is the semi-automatic pistol and submachine gun cartridge. It is taken its name from the blowback operated Makarov PM. however, the casing is 1 millimeter shorter than the previous version which is being talked and here the ammunition is not interchangeable. The gun bullet is also larger in overall diameter.

What Is The History Of This Gun?

The 9 mm Luger cartridge is used for the civilian and military usage for more than 110 years ago. The cartridge come with lots of designations like the 9 mm parabellum, 9 mm luger, 9 mm Nato and many more. These are called as the same round. The most popular one is the 9 mm Luger as George Luger, the main designer of this semi-automatic pistol, designed the cartridge and introduced in the 1902.

Nowadays, this 9 mm ammo dominates the law enforcement and also military works. The shape is round, light in weight and also comfortable to shoot. It can be lend itself for high capacity staggered feed magazines and also found in the satisfactory terminal performance that powerful idea happen.

Apart from the semi-automatic pistol, the 9 mm ammo is the popular submachine gun cartridge available in the world and it is also appear as the famous weapon. It comes with the 19 mm length of cartridge casing and hence the full metric designation. The diameter of the bullet is around 0.355 mynoteworld.

What is the weight of the bullet?

Though the ammunition manufacturers load this 9 mm cartridge with lots of different weight bullets, the 3 common variations include the 115, 124 and the 147 grains specially found. The grain is the common level of measurement in USA for the propellant powder and bullet powerful idea variations.

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