Live a Healthy Lifestyle to Stay Young!

Healthy lifestyle to stay young

Healthy lifestyle become one of the patterns of life that are currently being socialized a lot. This is because many people who started out were affected by many dangerous diseases. Not only to prevent and avoid disease, healthy life will certainly make you stay young!

Of course, it's better to start living a healthy lifestyle from now on, but how do i do that?. To find out what healthy lifestyle needs to be lived, Gini Loh | the explanation

Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle to Stay Young

1. Increase consumption of fruit

often consume fruit to stay young

Start your healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, like fruit.

It is better if you start replacing breakfast by increasing the consumption of fruit. By consuming fruit, the digestive system will be smoother and healthier.

For example, pomegranate can help to lower high blood pressure and cholesterol. Likewise with other types of fruit that have properties that are beneficial to the body.

Also avoid foods that have a high carbohydrate content, especially in the morning. Consuming large amounts of carbohydrates that are not needed by the body will only make a person drowsy.

2. Get some exercise

a healthy lifestyle by exercising diligently

Moving a lot like doing sports is indeed an important thing to do. Consuming large amounts of food that is not balanced by exercise will, of course, only precipitate disease.

Physical activity such as sports is very necessary in living a healthy lifestyle. Doing sports doesn't need to be done for a long time. Enough approximately fifteen to thirty minutes as long as it is done regularly will be very beneficial for your body.

Besides having physical benefits such as making you look younger, lose weight & shrink bloated stomach, exercise has a positive impact on your mentality.

You will have a strong and sharp mind, so it is easier to concentrate and of course this will make you more productive.

3. Enough rest

enough rest to stay young

Avoiding staying up late at night will indeed help maintain a healthy body. You need to know that lack of rest will only cause hormones in the body to be disturbed.

This causes the emergence of various diseases, some of which are high blood pressure, thyroid and many others. other than that, Often staying up late will make your eye bags get bigger so that you look older.

A healthy lifestyle should be accompanied by sleeping early and getting adequate rest, which will help to maintain a healthy body.

4. Avoid stress

avoid stress in order to stay young

The next healthy life tip is to start to avoid and reduce the stress that comes.

There are so many things that cause stress, some of which are thinking about something beyond one's ability, over-listening to people's words, piling workloads and many others.

Thus, to avoid stress can be done by getting closer to God Almighty, undergo activities according to ability, do meditation, and many more.

5. Respect yourself

respect yourself to be appreciated by others

In life, of course, you want to be appreciated by others. But how can you be appreciated by others if you cannot respect yourself. Of course this will be very difficult to do.

For that, make sure that you respect yourself by maintaining a smile, provide nutrition for the soul and body as well, and don't forget to entertain yourself with positive things.

6. Limiting salt consumption

reduce salt consumption

If you feel that the age has reached over fifty years, then try to start limiting salt consumption. Even though you haven't reached that age, it's good to maintain a healthy lifestyle by limiting salt consumption.

By limiting your salt intake you can maintain an ideal body weight, which of course makes you look healthier, fit, and stay young. The digestive system will also run more slowly than when you were young.

7. Sufficient body fluids

get enough body fluids so you don't get dehydrated

Fluid in the body must be supplied properly, by consuming enough water.

The water needed every day is approximately eight glasses. But sometimes we feel unable to meet this much fluid needs.

This can be overcome by increasing the consumption of fruit that contains water. Some fruits that contain lots of water include watermelon, papaya, dragon fruit and so on.

8. Choose the good fats

consumption of good fats

Fat doesn't all have a negative impact on your body. Compared to consuming fatty foods with types of chicken and meat, of course it will be healthier if you consume the kind of good fats like those found in fish.

The nutritional content in fish is very good, for example, omega three, protein and many others.

Even fish that are consumed regularly will help improve blood circulation to the brain, so that it will avoid the risk of a stroke.

Conclusion Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Living all the things mentioned above will be difficult if you don't have sincerity and commitment, especially if you are used to things that are not healthy.

But don't forget that this is a good thing, and the results will be visible in the long term.

It's a good idea to start living a healthy lifestyle starting with the easiest, for example, adequate body fluids and adequate rest. If you are used to it, You can start trying the more challenging ones. Over time, you will live a healthy lifestyle as a habit.

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