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Is Transplanted Hair Falling Out After 2 Years?

After having a hair transplant, you may wonder how long it takes for the hair to stop falling out. Normally, transplanted hair grows for a minimum of two years, and you may see a gradual improvement in the appearance of your hair in the first three months. During the first nine to 10 months after the surgery, you can keep the transplanted hair short or keep it long, depending on your personal preference. During these first few months, you should avoid vigorous physical activity, and avoid swimming or tanning salons. During this time, you should avoid wearing a hat or pressing your head too tightly, which can cause trauma to the new starwikibio hair.

In the first few months after the transplant, the transplanted area will look patchy. This is normal, and the new hair grows at a rate of one to two centimeters per month. After three to four months, the new hair will be thick enough to be styled. During this time, you should be careful when getting your hair cut. Your hair stylist should advise you to use scissors only during this time.

After your surgery, you should continue to stay in contact with your surgeon, and you should attend post-operative checkups. You should expect some soreness and oozing from the donor area, and you may experience tightness and numbness in the treated area. Continue using the hair spray you were prescribed for the first year after your procedure to prevent any infection.