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How to Measure Website Traffic Free

There are a few free tools that you can use to measure your website traffic. These will provide you with traffic information such as average visit duration, bounce rate, top traffic sources, and organic search traffic. They are also useful for competitor analysis. However, free tools don’t provide all the statistics you need to know. To get the most accurate data, you’ll need a premium SEO tool that offers more detailed information.

A website traffic analysis is an excellent way to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising activities. It can be done by embedding tracking code on your website. For example, Google Analytics measures traffic by “pageviews,” which is a measurement of how many people view a specific web page. It’s also helpful to know the proportion of visitors who convert into customers.

In addition to traffic, website traffic also tells you about the performance of your domain. This data helps digital marketers target promotions and adjust website content. Consequently, they can boost your online business. However, you need to be careful with this information. If you use it in the wrong way, you can end up with inaccurate numbers.

Besides providing important insights into website visitors, website traffic can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking. These metrics will also tell you where your traffic comes from and which pages your visitors are visiting the most. Without this information, you may be missing out on a valuable source of leads or loyal customers. By measuring your website’s traffic, you can increase your conversion rates, boost your customer base, and raise brand awareness.