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Hair Transplant Falling Out After 1 Year

If you’ve had a hair transplant, you may be worried that it will fall out in the first year or two. However, this is normal. The hair transplanted area will look patchy at first, but after a few months, the transplanted hairs will start to grow. This new growth will be thicker and fuller than the old hair. Hair stylists will advise you to cut your hair with scissors only during the first year. Within twelve to fifteen months, the transplanted hair will be ready for styling.

For three days after your hair transplant, you should avoid touching your transplanted area. You should also avoid direct exposure to the sun, as this can affect the pigmentation of the new hair. After this time, you can begin physical activities like exercising or participating in sports. After one month, you can start getting haircuts again, although it may not match the rest of your hair.

There are a few possible reasons for your hair transplant to fall out after a year. The most common is a stress-related problem. Exposure to chemicals, UV rays, smoking and alcohol are all potential triggers. In addition, a hair transplant can also be a temporary fix for thinning hair.

Even if the hair transplanted area doesn’t fall out right away, you should continue to apply shock loss treatment. This can include finasteride, monoxide, and a strong sun block. Your new hair will continue to grow in, but it may fall out again after one year. Don’t be discouraged, though. Despite the temporary thinning, you should be able to continue to style your hair the way you want to. Hair transplants have a high success rate, but there are some drawbacks, including the scarring. If you’re worried about hair loss, you should talk to your doctor about how you can deal with it.

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