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Five Amazing Cosmetic Dentistry Services That Everyone Is Seeking

Do you feel confident with your smile, or would you wish for a few transformations to tweak it a bit? Missing, broken, chipped, cracked, and discolored teeth can make your smile less appealing and may even present oral health complications. Thankfully, Chesterfield cosmetic dentistry focuses on improving your smile through various dental transformations.

You can go for any dental cosmetic treatment with healthy gums and teeth. Your dentist will evaluate your health and determine which treatment will restore your smile. Here are five cosmetic dentistry services you can seek to restore your smile.

Teeth Whitening

As you enjoy your favorite foods and drinks, your teeth will stain over time, especially if you consume dark-colored food and drinks. You can benefit from professional teeth whitening where your doctor uses special whitening agents to lighten your teeth shade and brighten your smile. wikibiofacts Famous Peoples Biography, Family, Net Worth

Although you will not have brilliantly white teeth, teeth cleaning will lighten the shades to give you a whiter smile. After your whitening procedure, the effects will last as long as you avoid colored drinks and food that may stain your teeth.


Your dentist can recommend enhancing the appearance of your smile by covering the front surface of your teeth to hide dental flaws. Dental veneers can help with chipped teeth, teeth gaps, stains that fail to improve with whitening, and distorted and broken teeth. Veneers will work well if you have no cavities, gum disease, or other oral issues. Your dentist will recommend a type of veneer depending on your preferences and desired results.


Cosmetic dentistry may also include straightening teeth with ClearCorrect, a series of removable aligners that gradually move your teeth to correct misalignment and create a new look. You will have four phases of treatment with your aligners, where every phase will require a new set of aligners to be worn for three weeks. Your dentist will always ask you to wear your aligners except during cleaning, eating, and drinking.


Almost completely invisible, Invisalign provides a tight fit for your teeth compared to more noticeable traditional braces. You will begin treatment with a consultation session to provide images to help create a plan for aligning your teeth. 

Your dentist will create customized aligners that apply pressure and gradually move your teeth to their correct position. You will wear your Invisalign for up to 22 hours daily and switch the set after every two weeks.

Dental Implants

You can get dental implants to replace your tooth roots to provide a strong foundation for fixed permanent teeth. Since dental implants resemble and feel like natural teeth, you will maintain an improved natural appearance. Dental implants also eliminate the discomfort associated with removable dentures and lead to improved oral health. Maintaining regular dental hygiene can make your dental implants last several years.

Cosmetic dentistry uses restorative treatments, whitening, and orthodontics to treat different dental problems and enhance the appearance of your smile. You can benefit from cosmetic dentistry if your flaws include chipped, broken, misshapen, or gapped teeth and bite issues. 

However, you must be in good oral health to undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Your treatment will begin with a consultation session to evaluate your oral health before determining the right treatment depending on several factors. Your dentist will customize your treatment to meet your desired goals and deliver maximum results.

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