How to shrink a distended stomach Naturally

how to shrink a distended stomach naturally

Definitely, a distended stomach will be very disturbing appearance. Sometimes to cover it up, you have to be smart in choosing the outfit you want to use. Nah, if it's like this how do I shrink the stomach quickly and naturally?

Quiet, no need to worry because you can really use natural ingredients as in the discussion below. Gini Loh | tips for shrinking the stomach naturally!

How to shrink a distended stomach quickly and naturally

Lemon juice and ginger

reduce bloating with lemon water and ginger

Nah, the first way you can do to shrink a distended stomach is to make use of lemon juice and ginger.

Until recently lemon was a trusted fruit, even widely used as a natural ingredient for weight loss. This one fruit is believed to increase the body's metabolic work. The faster the process of this body's metabolism, then the faster the fat in the body is burned.

Don't forget to combine it with ginger! Why? This is because ginger is a spice that can control blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Even ginger can reduce fat deposits, the effect can also help to reduce appetite and can certainly be one way to shrink your distended stomach naturally.

You only need to prepare a small pot, then heat 4 glass of water. Take a lemon and cut it into pieces. Don't forget to choose fresh lemons, yes!

Then take it 1 ginger and wash thoroughly. Next, cut it into pieces. You can mix these two ingredients into the water. Cook around 5 minutes and chill into a glass, and you can drink it right away.

You can drink it regularly so that a distended stomach can be reduced effectively!

Consume green tea

Green tea shrinks the stomach naturally

To shrink the next distended stomach, then you can use green tea. Apart from being very easy to obtain, Green tea has been known for a long time as a way to lose weight, can even reduce a distended stomach!

In order to get maximum results, You can consume green tea regularly before meals. And so the maximum, consume without using sugar, yes!

When you drink it before eating, turns out to have been believed to make the body feel fuller, so that it can reduce the portion of food.

Ginger and honey

ginger and honey to reduce belly fat

Fructose substances which is in honey turns out to be useful in burning fat in the body, that way you can use honey as a way to shrink a distended stomach naturally.

Not only can you burn fat, but there are many other benefits possessed by honey, such as preventing and treating certain diseases.

While ginger can help suppress appetite, that way if you want to reduce food intake and diet, ginger is one solution.

Of course, ginger can be consumed with honey, you only need to prepare warm water and add two tablespoons of ginger juice and three tablespoons of honey. Then mix well, and you can immediately drink it.

In order to get maximum results, you can drink this mixture of ginger and honey every day twice a day, and see for yourself the result!


reduce the stomach naturally with lime

The last way you can try is to use lime. Lime is said to be very effective in burning fat deposits which are very difficult to get rid of in the abdominal area, butt, thigh, and hips.

The method is very easy, you just have to take it 1 lime fruit and squeeze. Then mix it into a glass filled with warm water. Remember, Don't add sugar to it!

Tired of only using lime? You can also mix it with other ingredients, like tea and lemongrass.

The trick is to slice it thinly 2 lime fruit. Then cut it 3 lemongrass stems and make 4 the part then digeprek. If it is already, boil it 5 glass of water, lime that has been sliced, lemongrass stems, and teabags until the amount of cooking water becomes approx 2 glass of water. Then wait until cool. In order to get maximum results, then consume it in the morning and evening every day.

Nah, so those are some foods and drinks that you can consume if you want to reduce fat, especially on the stomach. How, It's easy to shrink the stomach naturally?

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