How to Create a Blog (and Earn Money), Guide For Beginners

How to create a blog - beginners guide

A guide on how to create a blog for beginners

So, You want to learn way create a blog? Good idea!

But… where to start?? There is so much information online, and everyone tells you different things. Who should you follow? Where does the starting point start?

Just calm down, do not be confused. Today you'll learn how to create a blog from scratch in a few easy steps.

By taking the time around 15 to 30 just a minute, and you will be able to create an interesting blog!

Gini Loh how to create a blog…

Why you should have a blog and get into the world of blogging

Before we explain the steps of creating a blog from scratch, we need to explain WHY You must have a blog.

  1. Blogging is the most popular way to communicate and spread information or news. There are currently millions (maybe hundreds of millions) online blogs that provide different types of information!
  2. Blogs are a great way to express yourself, as well as a fun way to share information with others.
  3. You will be a better person, and also become a better writer.
  4. The best reason? Your blog can make money!

Creating a blog can take up 30 minute, so prepare coffee, teh, or whatever you like and let's get started.

How to Create a Blog (and Earn Money)

Create an attractive blog in a few easy steps (which can be clicked) the following:

  1. Choose a name and blog field
  2. Choose a platform for your blog
  3. Choosing a hosting
  4. Set up a blog design
  5. Write content
  6. Promote the blog (and make money)

1. Choose a name and blog field

specify the blog name
What is the name of your blog??

The first step you should take is to choose a name and idea for your blog.

The blog name is the first thing your blog visitors will see (as ), so the blog name should reflect the topics that you will be writing about - the blog name can also use your own name, your business name, interesting combination of words, or whatever you want.

Blog fields are topics that you will frequently write about in your blog. You can use experience, hobby, or profession as the main area of ​​your blog.

Choose a blog field that matches your favorite things, because in this way you will not be confused about finding ways to make money from blogs.

Choose a blog name that contains words related to your blog field, also will really help readers in understanding what the content of your blog is (example,, and this is how to make the right blog.

2. Choose a platform (several ways to create a blog)

At this stage, You must determine where you will create a blog. Maybe you've heard the name “WordPress”, and we recommend using it on your blog.

WordPress is the world's largest blogging platform with millions of users, complete with plugin and add-ons countless. This allows you to customize the blog design freely!

blogging CMS comparison


Indeed in blogging there are several other well-known platforms such as Blogger & Tumblr, however we still recommend WordPress for the following reasons:

  1. Free
  2. Easy setup process
  3. Lots of free themes (very, very much), and many users = lots of help if there are problems
  4. Complete features, cool look, fast loading speed…perfect!
  5. Interaction with readers made easy. Your content can be onshare, given comment, and many others.

3. Choose hosting

Step 3 in discussing how to create a blog is to choose hosting that is “residence” for your blog, which makes your blog accessible via the internet.

choose web hosting
choose web hosting

Free hosting

As a new blogger, the availability of free blog hosting such as, Blogger, or Tumblr is very tempting. By choosing free hosting, Your blog must comply with the hosting provider regulations.

If you are looking for ways to make money blogging, they can restrict or prohibit advertisements on your blog, or they can even place their own ad on your blog. If you are serious about blogging and creating a free blog, you should avoid free hosting.

Paid hosting

Paid hosting lets you run a blog using domain that you have bought. The advantages of paid hosting compared to free hosting, is that you have complete control over the blog that you create!

Choose free hosting or paid hosting?

As a blogger who is studying, there's nothing wrong with using free hosting until you really understand how to create a blog and manage it.

However, on free blog hosting, your blog name will be something like this:


Of course, that's not cool and makes you feel like you're just a manager, and not as a blog owner.

Not only that, Free hosting has many limitations. Some examples are incomplete features, and cannot use free themes.

However, on paid hosting you really have the freedom to manage your blog. You are the real OWNER. You can give the name as you like, example “” or “”. You can provide a .com suffix, .id, .net, .org, or whatever endings are available on the internet!

On paid hosting, You will also enjoy:

  • Features? Complete!
  • Free themes? Lots!
  • Change the view? Can!

Of course, it is clear that we recommend choosing paid hosting for those of you who are serious about creating a blog.

Don't worry about hosting costs. Paid hosting packages are not too expensive, with prices starting from Rp 20.000 per month.

We recommend that you use cheap hosting when learning to create a blog. When your blog needs more and more, then later you can choose a bigger package (read: expensive) according to the needs.

After choosing a hosting for your blog, All you have to do is install WordPress in a few clicks through the panels offered by the hosting provider…and congrats!! Your blog is online and ready to be opened by cyber citizens.

4. Set up a blog design

Enter the most fun and exciting level, namely designing blogs. Use your creativity and imagination, and design an attractive WordPress blog as you wish.

Don't know how? Do not worry!

Creating a WordPress blog with a cool and attractive design is not difficult. WordPress provides many free themes!!!

To change the theme you need to login as an admin first, then enter to Appearance > Themes, and choose free WordPress themes which are available.

Not only free themes, You can also visit a WordPress theme site premium as, and buy a theme premium available there.

We recommend choosing a theme that looks professional and is easy to customize. Do not forget, WordPress also has a feature that allows you to change themes with just a few clicks.

So, if you are getting bored with the appearance of your blog today, You can immediately switch to another theme without losing valuable content.

how to create a blog: change the WordPress theme
Changing the WordPress blog theme

Remember, Your blog design reflects not only you and your personality, but also reflects the content on the blog. Don't choose a football-oriented theme if your blog is about badminton.

A good blog design will increase trust. This gives visitors the impression that you care about your blog to look good.

This doesn't mean your blog has to have lots of animation, color, and other cool stuff. Simple design, clear, and easy to read is the best way to create a blog, and will make visitors feel at home with your blog.

So now you have finished determining the blog name, choose hosting, and designing your blog. Your blog already looks beautiful and neat. Now comes the most important thing to do: give your blog interesting content!

5. Write interesting content

create a blog containing interesting content
Blog contains interesting content

In the world of blogging, whatever information you present to blog visitors can be referred to as “content”. Make sure your blog content is something useful, so people want to come back and keep looking for your content.

At this stage, You have to find out what content you need to include (writing, picture, animation, video, dll) and how you present it. Content is the main thing that lures people to visit your blog.

Without interesting content, even blogs with the best settings and views can fail. Remember, the main attraction lies in your content!

We provide some tips for writing blog content:

  • Create your content “talking” to blog visitors, and give something of value and can be used.
  • Your content should be easy to understand, and presented attractively. Everything on your blog, must be able to attract visitors and lure them to interact with your blog content.
  • Your content must have a clear topic of discussion, provide examples and related ideas, and how to carry out the idea or example.

6. Promote the blog (and make money)

The last step…yaay.

So you already understand how to create a blog with a very attractive design, as well as helpful content with hundreds (maybe thousands) the word… but if no one has seen your blog, all your work goes to waste.

How to prevent that? There is only one answer: PROMOTE THE BLOG

how to blog a lot - promote blogs
promote blogs to be known

This is mandatory for you to know as how to improve traffic blog, which is one measure of success in the world of blogging. With traffic the highest, You can use blogs to post advertisements which will certainly make money.

But where do you start? Here are some of the best ways to get your content out there.

Tell your friends

Tell everyone you know about your new venture. Provide the name and URL of your blog at signature your email, enter into all your social media profiles, spread it in Whatsapp groups and other chats, and take advantage of every opportunity to break the news about your new blog.

Put your blog on search engines

It will only take a moment, and it will help to get your blog indexed (people can find your blog on Google). To submit your blog URL to Google, login to your Google Account and go to options Submit URL in Webmaster Tools.

Be active on social media

You must use social media as a place to spread your blog, and do it every day! Pick a few platform social media that suits your needs, create an account, and use them to achieve your goals.

Be active in your field

Active on the blog, forum, and relevant social sites. The Blogger community is a great way to connect with other bloggers in your field. You can get involved, make friends, and help each other in spreading content. You can even teach new bloggers how to create a blog.

Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other relevant blogs is a great way to build relationships with top bloggers in your field. This will make them and their readers aware of your existence, as well as developing your blog name in its environment.

Guest Blogging

Offer to write posts or articles for other sites. Make sure the writing you do is posted on a reputable site, and make your blog directly related to the post made. Guest blogging is the best way to state your online presence.

Advertise on the web (traffic paid)

Proper and well-executed use of paid media can help you to become recognized by the virtual world. Some of them are Google Ads, and Facebook Ads.

Interact with visitors

Create a page that describes who you are, why you created a blog, and be diligent in replying to comments from your visitors.

Don't forget to provide a page containing your contact. This will allow visitors to contact you, so that there will be many opportunities for cooperation and business, that can make money.

Conclusion on how to create a blog for beginners

In the end, creating a successful blog depends on your interests, intention, and how you engage with your new blog. Give people reasons to visit and read your blog over and over.

Write interesting content, build relationships with people in your field and do it all with enthusiasm.

Traffic and income will come naturally.

We are from Gini Loh | hope that by now you are confident and able to create an attractive and extraordinary WordPress blog. good luck!



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