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Benefits of Personalized Hormone Replacement Therapy

Menopause is an inevitable biological procedure that every woman must undergo, but it does not mean you should tolerate the unpleasant symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy can raise your hormone levels, alleviating your symptoms and enhancing your quality of life. Your Plano anti-aging & hormone specialist can personalize your treatment to improve your outcome and minimize side effects. Below are reasons to consider HRT.

Relief from menopause symptoms

Menopause is an inevitable part of life that shows the end of your reproductive years but can cause unpleasant symptoms. HRT replaces the hormones that your body ceases to produce during menopause. Your doctor may recommend the therapy for replacing estrogen and progesterone, which can alleviate menopause symptoms such as night sweats, sleep disturbances, and vaginal dryness. The effects of the therapy may vary based on the seriousness of your symptoms and overall health. Although HRT is a safe and effective treatment, it is not for everyone. For instance, if you have blood clots, ovarian or breast cancer, your doctor may advise against the treatment,

Increased energy levels

Estrogen has a significant role in the regulation of energy levels in women. A drop in estrogen levels can lower your energy levels, leaving you tired. Hormone replacement therapy can restore your estrogen levels which can, in turn, elevate your energy levels. Studies show that women who have undergone HRT experience increased energy levels and lead a quality life with improved productivity at work and school.

Improved cognitive function

Estrogen levels affect several areas of your brain responsible for executive function, memory, and attention. A decline in these levels can impair your cognitive function, lowering your quality of life. Medical research shows that women undergoing this treatment have improved verbal and spatial memory. This enables them to carry out their daily activities without requiring constant help. Hormone replacement therapy can benefit older women experiencing a decline in cognitive function. This can help them live their prime years fully without losing track of their happy memories.

Improved sexual function

A decline in estrogen levels can result in several symptoms, including vaginal dryness, reduced libido, and painful intercourse. The therapy can restore adequate blood flow to your genital area, improving sensitivity and sexual experience. Menopause can also cause mood disorders like depression and anxiety, further harming your sex life. Hormone replacement therapy can address these disorders allowing you and your sexual partner to have a fulfilling sex life. However, this treatment has risks, making it essential to consult your doctor before beginning therapy.

Personalized treatment

During your initial visit, your physician will discuss your symptoms and expectations and conduct a thorough physical evaluation. They may also analyze your medical history to determine the safest and most effective hormone therapy. The team will personalize your therapy to match your needs and provide the much-desired relief with minimal side effects. Personalized treatment can also improve your overall health and help you have a comfortable menopausal transition.

Although hormone replacement therapy is a lifelong commitment, it can enable you to lead a fulfilling life with a healthy sex drive and sleep patterns.

If you desire relief from your menopause symptoms, call The Riegel Center office or book an appointment online for hormone replacement therapy.

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