6 People at Risk for Liver Disease, Know the Right Alternative for Liver Medicines

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Alternative Liver Medicines – The human liver or liver is the second largest organ in the body after the lungs. Given its very important function, namely to digest drugs into active substances, neutralize toxins that enter the body to store iron in the form of hemoglobin, that's why if damage occurs it can lead to serious problems. This can be recognized from the symptoms. Must be treated using liver medicine right so that it doesn't have a serious impact.

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Basically, this disease can affect anyone, but the following are among those who are most at risk of developing liver disease, that is:

  1. Obesity, circles who are overweight or obese are basically prone to various types of dangerous diseases, cardiovascular problems, high blood sugar to the liver, because the fat deposits that hinder the performance of these organs.
  2. People who consume alcohol in excess, the term is that those who are addicted to alcohol will be susceptible to liver disease. Usually the doctor will prescribe a special liver drug for these kinds of people.
  3. Take illegal drugs or drugs, especially those who use syringes.
  4. Patients with diabetes mellitus, people who have diabetes can also develop liver, due to increased levels of triglycerides present in the blood.
  5. Family history, the disease can also be genetically inherited, that's why if there is a family suffering from liver problems, then it is likely that it can be passed down to their children and grandchildren.
  6. Have tattoos, particularly those who have had permanent tattoos or piercings, because sometimes the facilities used are not completely sterile.

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This disease can be triggered by a viral infection, an unhealthy lifestyle or anything else. If you have started to feel the symptoms, immediately take treatment and change your lifestyle, alternative treatment that you can choose is also very diverse, starting including using herbal liver drugs such as Pien Tze Huang up to medical treatment. The original Pien Tze Huang products can be obtained only from PT Saras Subur Abadi.

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