6 How to Maintain Eye Health, You Must Know!

how to maintain good eye health

Did you know that the eye is a very important organ for the body. Therefore, it is very important to maintain eye health. But the question is how how to maintain eye health? Curious? Let's see tips for maintaining eye health ala Gini Loh |.

Tips & How to Maintain Eye Health

Reducing the use of gadgets
reducing the use of gadgers can maintain eye health

Nah, do not take too long to use the computer, playing games or watching television, yes. But what if your job really has to use a computer all day, what ways to do to maintain eye health?

You can take a break by stepping away from the computer screen, eg take a short walk around 5 or 10 minute. So that the eyes do not dry out, then often to blink and occasionally turn your eyes away from the room.

To keep an eye, you can use LCD monitor on the computer. To be sure, the use of an LCD screen will tend to be more comfortable, it will not even make your eyes tired.

You need to know that watching TV for too long will make your eyes tense and tired, even the radiation emitted will be bad for the eyes.

For that it is time for you to protect your eyes by reducing the use of gadgets, yes!

Get enough minerals and vitamins

vitamins can maintain eye health

It's not only the body that really needs minerals and vitamins, but eyes also need, yes! Nah, what vitamins are very good for treating eye health?

This vitamin is vitamin A., C, to vitamin E which can reduce your exposure macular degeneration, which is a disturbance in the retina.

Not only that, don't forget to always be diligent in consuming vegetables and fruit, yes! Like broccoli, potato, strawberry, spinach, to carrots. Fish such as salmon are highly recommended for maintaining eye health, you know!

When on the move outside the room, then do not forget to use sunglasses

wear sunglasses when outside

It is not only skin that must be taken care of while you are outdoors, but the eyes also need to be taken care of. Which is sure to guard it in a different way, yes!

When the weather is hot or even when it's a little cloudy, so you should use sunglasses so you can protect your eyes from exposure to UV rays.

In the long run, Excessive radiation obtained from sunlight will risk causing tissue thickening of the outer layer of the eye, cataract, and other eye problems.

Therefore, We recommend this 3rd tip as a way to maintain eye health!

Get enough antioxidants

adequate intake of antioxidants

The next way to maintain eye health is to consume antioxidants. Nah, what foods contain a lot of antioxidants?

Foods that can be consumed are oranges, plum, ask, so foods like berries can help to minimize the damage caused by free radicals such as pollution and UV rays, and can reduce the hardening of the lens that can trigger cataracts.

Therefore, don't forget that you can eat foods that contain antioxidants at least as much in a day 2 portion.

Avoid smoking

stop smoking

So far, smoking has always been associated with lung and heart problems. But in fact smoking is also not good for your eyesight, you know!

Wah, I didn't expect it!

Active smokers are certainly at higher risk of developing cataracts, uveitis, macular degeneration, it can even cause blindness. Therefore, it is time you quit smoking as soon as possible in order to keep your eyes.

For those of you who are not smokers, Avoiding exposure to secondhand smoke from people around you is the best way to maintain eye health. Because basically being passive smokers is just as dangerous as people who are active smokers.

Always check with an eye doctor regularly

routine check with an eye doctor

Basically, you are encouraged to always check your eyes at any age. But, this habit will be very important, especially for the older millennial generation 20 years and above.

Nah, what the eye doctor will do to you?

Of course, the doctor will perform various tests to check how well your eye is able to detect eye problems early on. Even for those of you who don't have any complaints or symptoms at this time.

Those are the various discussions you need to know about how to maintain eye health.

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